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BIB-7000 Cannot access X Server

Doc ID: Note:351839.1 Type: PROBLEM
Last Revision Date: 31-MAY-2006 Status: PUBLISHED

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Applies to:
Oracle Applications Manager – Version: 11.5.9 to 11.5.10
This problem can occur on any platform.

On entering Oracle Applications Manager (OAM) to check on the status of workflow components (Workflow Manager, “Go” button), under Workflow Metrics, both Work Items and Agent Activity displayed the message

“BIB-7000 Cannot access X Server”

Navigating to OAM to view Activity Monitors or other Graphics also reflect the same error.

Also, Configuring the Java Mailer in OAM – the page hangs and then displays Page Cannot be Displayed
OAM requires the “wrapper.env=DISPLAY” setting to be consistent throughout the application environment and also it needs to correspond to the correct server where xhost is enabled.

The DISPLAY setting is not consistent throughout the environment or xhost has not been enabled on the server where the DISPLAY setting is directed to.

If DISPLAY is set and xhost was enabled, another cause is, that the xhost session was not left running on the Xserver machine.

As ROOT on the Console machine with the Graphics Display

1) $ uname -n

> record the exact value returned

2) – For LINUX:

$ cd /usr/X11/bin
$ cd /usr/X11R6/bin


$ cd /usr/openwin/bin

– For AIX & HP-UX see Note: 361535.1 to setup ‘Headless’ support for xServers

3) $ xhost +


4) Open a New Session and signon as APPLMGR

$ apps/apps

> Stop all the services on all nodes in the environment

5) Open a New Session and signon as APPLMGR or clear the env of the previous APPLMGR session

$ DISPLAY=<same value as #1>:0.0; export DISPLAY

> See the “:0.0” , make sure that is specified

6) $ echo $DISPLAY

> ex:

$ <hostname from #1>:0.0

7) On all the Nodes in this environment — if this is a multiple node, then repeat on cp, forms/web & admin nodes

$ cd $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/etc

$ cp

8) $ vi

> Search down for “wrapper.env=DISPLAY”

9) Reassure or change the setting to match the following syntax ( repeat on cp, forms/web & admin nodes)

wrapper.env=DISPLAY=<hostname from #1>:0.0

> The hostname value in the DISPLAY must be the same in all nodes, it must be set to the value of “uname -n”
from step #1

> Setting this in OAM > AutoConfig > Edit Parameters and then running AutoConfig on all nodes
with accomplish the same thing

10) Restart all the services in the same APPLMGR sessions


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Increase Swap Space By Creating A Swap File

To add a swap file:

  1. Determine the size of the new swap file in megabytes and multiply by 1024 to determine the number of blocks. For example, the block size of a 64 MB swap file is 65536.
  2. At a shell prompt as root, type the following command with count being equal to the desired block size:
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024 count=65536
  3. Setup the swap file with the command:
    mkswap /swapfile
  4. To enable the swap file immediately but not automatically at boot time:
    swapon /swapfile
  5. To enable it at boot time, edit /etc/fstab to include the following entry:
    /swapfile          swap            swap    defaults        0 0

    The next time the system boots, it enables the new swap file.

  6. After adding the new swap file and enabling it, verify it is enabled by viewing the output of the command cat /proc/swaps or free.

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Check out Expertise in Oracle Apps….: Error While Loading Shared Libraries: on RedHat Linux 5

Check out Expertise in Oracle Apps….: Error While Loading Shared Libraries: on RedHat Linux 5


How to umount when the device is busy

 You need to unmount a CD or you want to pack away the external drive but when you try to umount it you get the dreaded “device is busy” message. 

# umount /media/disk/
umount: /media/disk: device is busy
umount: /media/disk: device is busy

First thing you’ll do will probably be to close down all your terminals and xterms but here’s a better way. You can use the fuser command to find out which process was keeping the device busy:

# fuser -m /dev/sdc1
/dev/sdc1: 538
# ps auxw|grep 538
donncha 538 0.4 2.7 219212 56792 ? SLl Feb11 11:25 rhythmbox

Rhythmbox is the culprit! Close that down and umount the drive.

Problem solved!

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