R12 Concurrent Manager Error: “System Hold, Fix Manager before resetting counters”

23 Jun

some of the concurrent managers are not coming up and  showing the following error:

The actual value of the manager is 0.

“System Hold, Fix Manager before resetting counters”.  


1. Stop all middle tier services including the concurrent managers.
Please make sure that no FNDLIBR, FNDSM, or any process is running by ps -ef | grep  FNDLIBR

2. Stop the database.

3. Start the database.

4. Go to cd $FND_TOP/bin
$ force=y link_debug=y fnd FNDLIBR
$ force=y link_debug=y fnd FNDFS
$ force=y link_debug=y fnd FNDCRM
$ force=y link_debug=y “fnd FNDSM

5. Run the CMCLEAN.SQL script from the referenced note below (don’t forget to commit).

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